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Competitors, Marshals & Time Keepers Duties
Notes for Competitors, Marshals and Timekeepers at Local Time Trial’s
For safety reasons all races start at 7pm or 7:30 sharp (as detailed on the  “Diary” page on the website). All competitors/organisers should be at the  cemetery car park at least 15 minutes before the start of the event to ensure a  prompt start.
Please park in the Cemetery car park and not at the Start, Turn or Finish areas.  Vehicles parked in these areas create extra hazards for competitors and other  road users.
Refer to the relevant Course Risk Assessment on the “Courses” page on the website.
Timekeepers responsibilities
To ensure that the timekeeper and turn marshal have each other’s mobile phone  numbers.
To ensure they have the start sheet, numbers and the watches prior to the event.
To be at the cemetery 15 minutes before the start of the race.
To ensure the event starts on time.
To ensure the cones and warning signs are set out at the start and finish areas.
To wear a "Hi Visibility" Jacket.
The timekeeper may refuse to start the event if:-
    1. competitors are not ready on time
    2. light/weather conditions are poor
    3. visibility is poor
Turn marshals responsibilities
To ensure that the turn marshal and timekeeper have each other’s mobile phone  numbers.
To collect the signs, flags, cones and safety jackets from the club rooms,  ensuring they are available at the cemetery 15 min before the race starts.
To ensure the cones and warning signs are set out at the start & finish.
To carry out a Risk Assessment of the course on the way to the turn and inform  the Timekeeper by mobile phone that the course is clear of obstructions/hazards  before the race is started.
To set out the warning signs (facing both directions) at the turn point and at  the Inverness junction (10 & 25-mile TT’s).
To wear a "Hi Visibility" Jacket and use a red flag to warn motorists of  cyclists turning in the road.
Pusher off/marshals responsibilities
All marshal’s & helpers are to wear "Hi Visibility" Jacket while on the course.
Competitors responsibilities
To ensure they are current members of the Club.
To ensure that they have the required insurance cover to participate in the  event.
For a  local 10/25mTT, BC–Silver/Gold membership or Cycling UK membership is required.
For a CTT Open Weekend Event, CTT Affiliation is required.
For a BC Open Weekend, BC–Silver/Gold membership is required or a Day Licence.
To be on time.
To wear an approved crash hat.
To wear a race number.
To have a rear light fitted to the bike at all TT events.
To ride safely and to go around the turn marshal only if it safe to do so.
To be sporting and have fun.
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