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Travel Grants Available From "The Caithness Sports Council". Travel grants are available to CCC from the Caithness Sports Council to help with the costs of attending cycling events outside Caithness. Up to 50% of the costs are available. The expenses available are 22p/mile for car travel (or cost  of other means of travel), max of £10 per day for food and max of £35 per night for accommodation. Accommodation is only paid for events further than Inverness. All initial claims need to be with the sports council prior to the event. A total maximum of approximately £550/year is available to the club.

The process for claiming is as follows:-

  1. Inform club travel grant rep. prior to the event. The following details  are required, name, address, telephone no, e mail address, name of event, venue, no of travelling club members, form of transport, mileage, estimated accommodation and food costs.
  2. Travel grant rep. then submits an on line application form to the Sports Council prior to the event.
  3. Following the event the claimee should give the receipts to the travel grant rep.
  4. The club then waits for the original on line application to be approved by the sports council.
  5. Once this approval is received the club then submits the actual details of the claim along with the receipts.
  6. The sports council then recheck the claim and decide how much will be awarded and a cheque is then sent to the club. The club treasurer then writes a cheque to the claimee.
To go through all these steps can take up to 6 months.
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