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SC North Courses & RA's
NS1 - 25 Miles (Forres)
Start on A96 at paint mark in road at eastern end of AA telephone lay-by 5 miles west of Forres. East on A96 to second exit Forres by-pass western roundabout, then first exit on A96/B9011 roundabout at eastern end of Forres by-pass. B9011 becomes B9089 at Kinloss to turn in road at mark in road opposite lone pine 100 yards past entrance to Wester Buthill Farm and 200 yards past Rosebank crossroads. Retrace via Forres by-pass to finish at paint mark in road 20 yards past Feddan junction 0.75 miles short of start.
NS4 - 50 miles (Forres)
Start on A96, 50 yards east of B9013 then west via Alves and Forres by-pass to 1st turn at Nairn roundabout (18.95 miles). Retrace to east end of Forres by-pass (28.51 miles), left on B9011 via Kinloss and B9089 to 2nd turn, 0.6 miles past Rosevalley cross-roads, 20 yards past Nether Buthill Farm entrance (37.04 miles). Retrace via Kinloss to A96 at east end of Forres by-pass (44.11 miles). East on A96 through Alves to finish 50 yards past de-restriction signs 2 miles short of start.
NS5 - 25 miles (Loch Ness)
Start on A82 at summit of hill above Dochgarroch Village, 3 miles south of Inverness. Follow A82 south to Drumnadrochit (10 1/2 miles). Fork right onto A8311 to turn at 13 miles. retrace on A831 and A82 to finish 100 yards past Dochgarroch Post Office, 1 mile short of start.
NS7 - 25 miles (Thurso)
Start on A9 50 yards east of "Welcome to Thurso" sign on south side of Thurso,  continue on A9/A882 through Watten to turn 1 mile east of Watten village.  Retrace to finish 400 yards short of start.
NS8 - 10 miles (Forres)
Start 4 miles east of Forres on A96 opposite East Grange road end at mark on western edge of tarmac lay-by. West to western end of Forres by-pass (4.73 miles). Turn at roundabout and retrace on A96 to finish 941 yards past start.
NS12 - 10 miles (Inverness)
Start on A862 1/2 mile north of Clachnaharry. Follow A862 north to turn at lay-by 100 yards past Inchmore Hotel (5 miles). Retrace to finish at start.
NS18 - 10 miles (Elgin)
Start on B9103 at St Andrews Church. Follow B9103 north to turn in road 100 yards short of Lossiemouth Cemetery. Retrace to finish at start.
NS20 - (Cromarty Firth)
Star on A9 near Culcairn Road Junction. Travel north through Delny to turn 300 yards past Auchoyle Road end. Retrace to finish at start.
NS22 - 50 miles (Cromarty Firth)
Description removed due to major road alterations.
NS28 - 25 miles (Cromarty Firth)
Start on unclassified road at6 Delny Industrial Estate at Big Three entrance. South to join A9 at Invergordon junction (3.128 miles). Continue past Highland Deephaven (8.92 miles) to turn at Ardullie roundabout (12.57 miles). Retrace past Highland Deephaven (16.212 miles) and Invergordon junction (22.002 miles) to finish at old building south of Tullich junction on A9.
NS 29 - 10 miles (Cromarty Firth)
Start on A9 1/4 mile south of Alness RAF Camp. South on A9 to turn at Ardullie roundabout. Retrace to finish 100 yards into Skeach sliproad. 1 mile short of start.
NS30 - 30 miles (Forres)
Start on eastern end of unclassified road to Kinloss/Findhorn at junction with A96, 3 miles east of Forres. East via Alves to B9013 junction (5 miles) turn left onto B9013 to College of Roseisle crossroads (8.3 miles). Turn left onto B9089 past Kinloss to unclassified road  1 mile east of Forres (14.7 miles). Left to A96 and left on to A96 (15.2 miles) past start (16.7 miles) and repeat circuit via Alves, B9013 (22.2 miles), College of Roseisle (25 miles), B9089 to finish at drain cover 30 yards east of RAF Kinloss main gate (30 miles).
NS31 - 10 miles (RAF CC)
Start on B9089 100 yards west of RAF Kinloss main gate. East on B9089 to turn 50 yards short of junction with B9013 at College of Roseisle. Retrace to finish 50 yards short of strat.
NS32 - 10 miles (Thurso)
Start on A9 50 yards east of "Welcome to Thurso" sign on south side of Thurso, continue on A9/A882 for 5.071 miles. Turn 26 yards past the "Wick 15 Miles" sign. Retrace to finish 400 yards short of start.
NS33 - 10 miles (Wick)
Start/finish on A883 at outskirts of Wick, Lochdhu Bungalow. West past Thurster Mains (3.632 miles) to turn 23 yards east of Bilbister Bridge and retrace to finish at start.
NS34 - 10 miles (Wick)
Start on A9 at bus shelter on east side of Wick. North to turn 100 yards east of right hand bend indicated by chevronned crash barrier (5.04 miles). Retrace to finish at Wick 30 miles signs.
NS35 - 25 miles (Wick)
Start finish on A882 at outskirts of Wick, Lochdhu Bungalow. west past Thurster Mains, Watten Crossroads (7.64 miles) to turn 1.5 miles after Gillock Junction, 60 yards west of small bridge on straight section of road 1398 yards south of start.
NS36 - 10 miles (Kincraig)
Start on B9152 at 3rd lamppost south of junction with un-numbered road at Kincraig War Memorial outside Suie Hotel. South to turn at Kingussie opposite no's 129/131 High Street (5.4 miles). Retrace to finish at mark on road 1398 yards south of start.
NS37 - 10 miles (Culloden)
Start 5 yards past sign for "Culloden Battlefield Car Park & Visitors Centre" on B9006, 4 miles east of Inverness. East on B9006 to turn in road 125 yards past Croy by-pass (5 miles). Retrace to finish at start.
NS38 - 25 miles (Forres)
Start on A96 at western edge of drain at west side of Morayscairn farm road opposite lay-by at star of Alves Wood. West on A96 to 1st turn at roundabout at western end of Forres by-pass (5.38 miles). Retrace to exit (B9011) via Kinloss and B9089 to 2nd turn 14.13 miles) 50 yards short of junction with B9013 at College of Roseisle (same as NS31). Retrace to roundabout at eastern end of Forres by-pass (21.44 miles) then east on A96 to finish at telephone pole at Gateside Farm steading 589 yards before start.
NS39 - 10 miles (Nairn)
Start on A939, 143 yards south of junction with B9101. North to junction where left onto B9101, pass finish to join B9090 (straight on) then via Cawdor to turn (5.5 miles), 100 yards short of hump back bridge. Retrace via Cawdor and B9101 to finish 10 yards west of minor road to Raitloan, 1 mile short of start.
NS40 - 10 miles (Carrbridge)
Start at mark in road on Carr Road, Carrbridge 1,150 yards east of junction with B9153 in Carrbridge. East to join A939 (4.6 miles), where left to junction with B9153 then left to finish at mark in road at north end of safety fence outside Carrbridge carpark, 1,397 yards short of start.
NS41 - 12 hour (Invergordon)
Start on B817 2 yards north of Invergordon Smelter road junction. North to Kilmuir Church (3.2 miles), left then left again to join A9 southbound. South on A9 to Ardullie roundabout, 2nd exit on A862 via Dingwall and Beauly to 1st turn at Muirton roundabout Inverness (39.9 miles). Retrace via Beauly and Dingwall to rejoin A9 at Ardullie. North on A9 to Kildary, turn left and left again to join B817 south via Saltburn and Invergordon to 2nd turn at Dalmore distillery gate (86 miles). Retrace to rejoin A9 at Kildary, north on A9 to Dornoch bridge roundabout, 1st exit on A836 to Bonar Bridge, turn left on A836 to 3rd turn at view point - mile past Invershin station (119.1 miles). Retrace to rejoin A9 at Dornoch bridge roundabout. Take 2nd exit (A9 south) to B9165 junction, turn left and left at B9165/B9166 junction to 4th turn at Portmahomack war memorial (149.7 miles). Retrace and rejoin A9 southwards to Kildary, left on un-numbered road to Arabella. Turn right on B9175 to 5th turn at Nigg ferry roundabout (170.5 miles). Retrace via Arabella to rejoin A9 at Kildary, then south on A9 to 6th turn at Ardullie roundabout (193.1 miles). Retrace north on A9 to Invergordon Industrial Estate road end, turn right to join circuit (202.45 miles).
Circuit via Invergordon Industrial Estate road, turn left onto Smelter road, left onto B817, north to Kilmuir Church, left and left again to join A9, south to complete circuit at Invergordon Industrial Estate road end (circuit = 9.18 miles)
NS42 - 25 miles (Nairn)
Start at west end of wall surrounding Delnies House 1/2 mile west of de-restriction signs at west end of Nairn. Proceed west to A9/A96 roundabout (12.55 miles). Retrace to finish 30 yards west of start.
Risk Assessment Policy & Process Chart
It is the policy of Scottish Cycling to hold events on courses that have been  made as safe as possible through Risk Assessment (RA). This policy is based on a  National Policy created for British Cycling and other sports that use the public  highway as a facility to promote sport by the consultants, Traffico.

Scottish Cycling has many traditional and well recognised courses that are used  for time trialling (TT) and also some road race courses that are not so well  defined. This policy will address the time trialling courses initially but will  aim to incorporate all the traditional road race courses as well as stipulating  that any new road race course has risk assessment applied to it.

The Scottish Cycling policy for Risk Assessment is to assess the more popular TT  courses i.e. the courses used the most initially and then follow this up by  assessing the less popular courses, thereby completing a risk assessment of all  TT courses in Scotland.

The initial generic assessment will be carried out by assessors who have been  trained by Andy Rolf of Traffico. A Standard setting meeting will be held in  February and after the minimum standards have been agreed, these assessors will  return to there geographic areas and begin assessing the TT courses.

Once the courses have been assessed and the assessment written up, the RA will  be passed to the course co-ordinator for the Centre that the course belongs to.  They will be responsible for issuing the RA and the appropriate number of road  signs, to any event organiser who intends to hold an event on that course. The  generic RA of any course will be a “live” document that will require updating as  and when alterations to the course or conditions on the course occur. To aid  this process, officials of the Centre will require training in Risk Assessment  before this can be carried out.

The organiser will sign for the RA and agree to carry out the requirements of  the assessment before being allowed to organise the event. The organiser will  also have to assess the course on or very near i.e. day before, the event. To  carry out this “On the Day” assessment the organiser will require training on  Risk Assessment as will event commissaries and safety officers. These two  officials will be responsible for the riders’ safety on the day of the event, by  making sure the RA requirements have been followed.

Once the event has finished it will be the race organisers’ responsibility to  return all RA documents and road signs to the centre controlling the course and  to advice the centre of any difficulties or improvements that they have  encountered. This feedback should be passed to the Centre course co-ordinator  who should investigate the difficulties or recommendations and update the RA of  the course if required.

Road race routes will also be risk assessed in a similar manner beginning with  the races that use fixed routes or circuits. The same Risk Assessment standards  will be applied at all times. As “one off events” arise, the courses should be  assessed and passed to the Centre concerned for recording.

To download a copy of this document complete with the  Risk Assessment Process Chart click on the following link:-
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