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Cycling Tips
Caithness Cycling Club
Cycling is a great way to keep fit, to get you out in the fresh air, it is one of Britains most successful competitive sports and most of all it is fun.
Cycling competitions at an international level come in many forms;
Road Racing; From Grand tours to local time trials.
Off-Road; Mountain biking (cross country and downhill), cyclocross, BMX.
Cycling Tips
    • Always wear a crash hat, it might save the gravel rash on the face and scalp, it might also help absorb the impact if you are involved in an accident.
    • Always wear gloves (even fingerless) the first reaction when you come off the bike is to put your hand out. The gloves will save you from gravel rash on the palm of your hand.
    • Cycle in single file on busy roads.
    • Use Lights - preferably flashing LED to warn other road users when light conditions are poor.
    • Always carry a pump, spare tube/tyre and tools so you can repair simple mechanical problems.
    • A puncture outfit, pump and tyre levers are always recommended.
    • Stay 2 or 3 feet from the verge. Most punctures occur near the verge as the rain water washes the debris from the crown of the road and it collects near the verge.
    • Always carry a mobile phone in case of emergencies.
    • Do you know where you’re going, if not take a map.
    • On longer trips take water & food.
Before   you set off
    • Check the tread/condition of your tyres.
    • Check your tyre pressure.
    • Make sure your brakes are working properly.
    • Check the weather.
Most of all enjoy yourself

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