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Risk Assessment Policy & Process Chart

It is the policy of Scottish Cycling to hold events on courses that have been made as safe as possible through Risk Assessment (RA). This policy is based on a National Policy created for British Cycling and other sports that use the public highway as a facility to promote sport by the consultants, Traffico.

Scottish Cycling has many traditional and well recognised courses that are used for time trialling (TT) and also some road race courses that are not so well defined. This policy will address the time trialling courses initially but will aim to incorporate all the traditional road race courses as well as stipulating that any new road race course has risk assessment applied to it.

The Scottish Cycling policy for Risk Assessment is to assess the more popular TT courses i.e. the courses used the most initially and then follow this up by assessing the less popular courses, thereby completing a risk assessment of all TT courses in Scotland.

The initial generic assessment will be carried out by assessors who have been trained by Andy Rolf of Traffico. A Standard setting meeting will be held in February and after the minimum standards have been agreed, these assessors will return to there geographic areas and begin assessing the TT courses.

Once the courses have been assessed and the assessment written up, the RA will be passed to the course co-ordinator for the Centre that the course belongs to. They will be responsible for issuing the RA and the appropriate number of road signs, to any event organiser who intends to hold an event on that course. The generic RA of any course will be a “live” document that will require updating as and when alterations to the course or conditions on the course occur. To aid this process, officials of the Centre will require training in Risk Assessment before this can be carried out.

The organiser will sign for the RA and agree to carry out the requirements of the assessment before being allowed to organise the event. The organiser will also have to assess the course on or very near i.e. day before, the event. To carry out this “On the Day” assessment the organiser will require training on Risk Assessment as will event commissaries and safety officers. These two officials will be responsible for the riders’ safety on the day of the event, by making sure the RA requirements have been followed.

Once the event has finished it will be the race organisers’ responsibility to return all RA documents and road signs to the centre controlling the course and to advice the centre of any difficulties or improvements that they have encountered. This feedback should be passed to the Centre course co-ordinator who should investigate the difficulties or recommendations and update the RA of the course if required.

Road race routes will also be risk assessed in a similar manner beginning with the races that use fixed routes or circuits. The same Risk Assessment standards will be applied at all times. As “one off events” arise, the courses should be assessed and passed to the Centre concerned for recording.

To download a copy of this document complete with the Risk Assessment Process Chart click on the following link:-

Risk Assessment Policy.doc

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