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NOSCA  RECORDS DURING 2015. (09.11.2015)

In each case these are records for (a) NOSCA  course,  and also for (b) any SC course, except where “North” denotes a record on a NOSCA course only.

Please study the list and let me know of any errors or omissions as I suspect that some riders have not submitted claims. Please confirm that the entries below are accurate, or that a change is required, before the deadline of Wed 18th November, when I go on holiday for nearly 3 weeks.

NOTE. At the SC(N) AGM on 8.11.2015, it was agreed to bring us in line with other organisations and that in future all records must be claimed by Oct 15th, for that year, or they will be forfeited.

This list will also be posted on the NOSCA web site at: www.caithnesscc.co.uk/NOSCA.

VETERAN (Female).10 miles

Age 59  Mary Eagleson                   RRCC     28min 10sec       05.08.2015          Cawdor

Age 66  Anne Mitchell                     ESW       33min 22sec       13.09.2015          Kincraig

VETERAN (Female) 25 miles

Age 59  Mary Eagleson                   RRCC     1h 11m 43s         09.08.2015          Kildary

VETERAN (Male) 10 miles

Age 52  Dave Harter                        FCC        22min 26sec       05.09.2015          Kildary

Age 78  Alasdair Washington        Caith      25min 34sec       05.09.2015          Kildary

VETERAN (Male) 25 miles

Age 78 Alasdair Washington         Caith      1h 7m 22s            09.08.2015          Kildary

VETERAN (Male) 50 miles

Age 78  Alasdair Washington        Caith      2h 16m 23s         25.07.2015          I’gordon

VETERAN (Male) 100 miles

Age 78  Alasdair Washington        Caith      4h 57m 33s         30.08.2015          I’gordon

TANDEM (Veteran) 25 miles

Peter Robertson Age 74   FCC        1h 7m 53s            09.08.2015          Kildary

George Grant                    Age 69   FCC

In addition

VET (Male) 10 miles

Age 47  Andy Cowie                        MFCC    21min 56sec       08.09.2013          Kildary     SC         North

VET (Male) 25 miles

Age 47 Andy Cowie                         HBRT     56min 29sec       01.06.2014          Forres     SC         North              

                                                                           Alasdair Washington. Records Secretary. 09 11 2015

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