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NOSCA Constitution 2012 Diary 2012 Special Series 2012




November 2012


This organisation, being the north centre of the Scottish Cyclists’ Union (SCU), shall be called the North of Scotland Cycling Association (NoSCA), hereafter referred to as “The Association”.


The Association shall consist of SC and BC members. These members shall belong to SC or BC affiliated clubs which are located within the geographical area of the North Centre, as defined by SC. The club specified on their BC membership card shall determine members eligible to take part in any Association meeting or qualify for any Association championship.



To co-ordinate, administer, control and encourage all aspects of the sport of cycling within the Association area in accordance with the Association’s by-laws and the rules of the SCU.  To affiliate to any organisation to further the interests of the Association and its members.



At General Meetings all members of the Association shall be entitled to vote.  The Chairman may, at his discretion, invoke the rules of conduct as laid down in the SCU rules (Standing Orders for General Meetings).

At least 50% of the senior office bearers must be present and at least 50%of the clubs of the membership must be represented for the meeting to be deemed quorate.  If a General Meeting has to be reconvened because it is not quorate, it shall proceed at an alternative date even if not quorate.  The committee will be required to initiate disciplinary proceedings against clubs not represented at a reconvened meeting.  Only a General Meeting may change the Title, Constitution, Objects or By-laws of the Association, 2/3 of the members present must be in favour of the change, for other business a simple majority will suffice.  In the event of a tie the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


The Annual General Meeting will be held on or about the second Sunday of November each year.  The General Secretary shall notify the membership by sending agenda, minutes of the previous AGM, time and place of meeting to their clubs 14 days in advance.

The agenda for the meeting shall be:

a.    Notice of meeting.

b.    Apologies.

c.    Chairman’s remarks.

d.    Minutes of the previous AGM.

e.    Matters arising.

f.     Annual reports from secretaries

g.    Alterations to Title, Constitution, Objects or By-laws.  (Proposals to be in the      hands of the General Secretary 30 days before the date of the meeting.)

h.   Election of office bearers.  Senior officials shall be Chairman; Vice Chairman; General, Road Race, Mountain Bike, Time Trial, Records and Track Secretaries and Treasurer.  Other officials shall be elected as required.

i.    Setting of the per capita fee for the subsequent year.

j.     Ratification of Association information for the SCU handbook

k.    Any other competent business.



The General Secretary shall call a meeting on the instructions of the Association Committee, or on written request of ten members, within 30 days.

The requisition shall detail the purpose of the meeting and only such business shall be transacted at the meeting.  Any member’s request must be accompanied by a deposit of £10 total.  The meeting shall decide on the return of this deposit.



Association Meetings shall consist of the Association’s Office Bearers and delegates from the clubs of the membership.  Association meetings may be called at any convenient time by the Chairman and/or General Secretary.  The General Secretary is to notify the membership through their clubs at least ten days in advance of any such meeting.  Association Committee meetings shall only be deemed quorate if the bearers of at least 50% of the senior offices and at least three of the clubs of the membership are represented, either by delegates or office bearers.  The committee shall have the power to decide on any point not covered by these by-laws.



The day to day running of the Association will be vested in a committee which shall consist of the Association’s Office Bearers.



Members’ clubs shall pay to the Association an annual fee of  £**  per SCU/BCF member of that club during the previous season, or £**, whichever is the greater amount.  This sum shall be due by or on the date of the AGM each year.  Any changes to the affiliation fees shall be decided at the AGM.  The treasurer shall also propose the amount.  The treasurer shall also be responsible for presenting audited financial records of the Association to the AGM.




SCU rules (where formulated) will apply to all NoSCA promotions.  All NoSCA promotions shall be open to any SCU/BCF member with the proviso that Association members will be given priority in the event of a full field being received for any championship.

NoSCA Championships will be:


Senior 10, 25, 50, 100, hill climb

Juvenile 10



Senior 1 lap sprint, 800m, 1500m, 2000m, 3000m, 4000m, 6000m

Junior 1500m












These championships may be promoted by NoSCA, or alternatively they may be awarded to clubs at the discretion of the committee.  The committee also has the discretion to promote other events, e.g. Inverness-Elgin etc.

Race organisers who have successfully bid for NoSCA championships in any category must seek permission from the NoSCA executive committee to allow the event to be cancelled or postponed before doing so.

Any entries received after the published closing date for a road or time trial championship event will not be eligible to receive championship awards.

In a 100 mile time trial organised by NOSCA, any club which has a member competing must provide a marshal or official.



Championship medals will be awarded to the first three Association members on a scratch basis.

Additionally a gold medal will be awarded on a scratch basis (unless otherwise indicated below) where 3 or more entries are received in any of the following categories :-

Senior Female

Junior Male

Junior Female

Under 16 Male

Under 16 Female

Veteran Male (as defined by SC), awarded on age standard using current VTTA age standard tables.

Veteran Female (as defined by SC), awarded on age standard using current VTTA age standard tables.

Where numbers dictate, categories may be amalgamated e.g. Female senior, veteran and junior to create one Female award. Organisers should liaise with the NoSCA Time Trial Co-ordinator in order to maintain consistency with this approach.


There will be only one Team competition. Team medals will be awarded to the team of three who record the fastest aggregate time, providing that at least two teams enter. Team eligibility is defined by the member’s current SC/BC membership card and constituent members of a team may be male or female and belong to any category eligible for the event.

Time Trial Championships will be rotated around the courses in the Association's area as far as practicable.



 Time Trial BARs will be contested over the following distances (in miles).


Senior Male       25, 50, 100.                 

Senior Female   10, 25              

Junior Male       25, 50              

Junior Female    10, 25              

U16 Male           10, 25              

U16 Female       10, 25              

Veteran Male     10, 25, 50, 100  awarded on age standard using current VTTA age standard tables

Vet Female        10, 25               awarded on age standard using current VTTA age standard tables


Awards for individual BAR championships are gold, silver and bronze medals, with no minimum number of qualifiers.



Senior Male                   Team championship for 1st team of 3 riders        

Senior Female               Team championship for 1st team of 2 riders

Junior Male                   Team championship for 1st team of 2 riders

Junior Female                Team championship for 1st team of 2 riders

U16 Male                       Team championship for 1st team of 2 riders

U16 Female                   Team championship for 1st team of 2 riders

Veteran Male                 Team championship for 1st team of 2 riders on age standard

Vet Female                    Team championship for 1st team of 2 riders on age standard

Only NoSCA District races may be used for BAR qualifying times with the exception of the 100m TT which may be any SC 100m TT not taking place on the same day as the NoSCA 100mTT. The method of calculating the championship shall be the average speed at each distance added together and divided by three, correct to the third decimal place, with the exception of male and female championships for veterans which will be calculated, for males by taking the plus value at 25 miles, adding it to 0.4 of the plus value at 10 miles followed by half the plus value at 50 miles and a quarter of the plus value at 100 miles. For females it will be calculated by taking the plus value at 25 miles and adding it to 0.4 of the plus value at 10 miles.



Championship road race distance shall be at least 60 kilometres.  Championship awards shall be, in addition to any by the promoting club, medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd individual places, 1st junior and 1st team (if two or more teams enter).  “One man, one prize” will apply, except for the team prize.  Premier awards (1st, 2nd and 3rd) take priority.

Circuit Race Distances as follows:

Open, maximum distance 50km

Youth A (boys and girls) maximum distance 35km

Youth B (boys and girls) maximum distance 25km

Youth C (boys and girls) maximum distance 20km



The road race BAR championship shall be decided on a points basis from all district scratch road races or individual stages of stage races of 50k or more.  Points shall be awarded to any rider gaining a placing in the first ten of any qualifying event.  Points will be awarded as follows:

  1st:  10 points

  2nd:  9 points, down to

  10th: 1 point

The rider with the highest points total at the end of the season will be the winner.  In the event of a tie on points the winner shall be decided by reference to placings achieved, i.e. most first places, and if still equal, most second places etc.  This rule applies to all tied placings. 

Championship awards shall be:

   1st, 2nd and 3rd senior

  1st junior.



The Association Committee shall award the Track Championships to suitable meetings. Championship awards shall be medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd individual


g.      TRACK BAR

The Track BAR shall be decided on a points basis from Championship races only, with the exception of the Junior 1500 metres.  Points shall be awarded as follows:

  1st:  3 points

  2nd:  2 points

  3rd:  1 point


In the event of a tie the same method shall be used as for the Road Race BAR to decide the winner.

BAR awards shall be medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.



The Association Committee shall award the Mountain Bike Championships to suitable meetings.  Championship Awards shall be medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category.





The Association will recognise records performed by all categories of rider in the following classifications:


1.      Association members on NoSCA registered courses.

2.      All comers on NoSCA registered courses.

3.      Association members on any course registered with the SCU, BCF or


 Records may be claimed by the rider or riders concerned, their club or the promoting club.

The Time Trial and Records Secretary will maintain a list of all records and publicise same at each AGM.



 The Association will recognise place to place records at the discretion of the centre committee, who will decide on all matters not covered by these rules.

 Record attempts will only be recognised on receipt of a timekeeper’s certificate signed by a SCU accredited timekeeper and commissaire, who shall respectively time and observe the attempt.

 The onus shall be on the rider, riders or their clubs to make all arrangements for a record attempt and to claim any performance.

 The Time Trial and Records Secretary will maintain a list of all records and publicise the same at each AGM. 


Appendix 1 to constitution        Added November 2008, updated February 2012

NoSCA trophies  

1. Skelly Trophy         Awarded to the highest placed rider in

(1)   The Scottish Cyclists’ Union Senior BAR Championship or

(2)    any other TT BAR.

 2. NOSCA Best Allrounder for Annual Competition         (Youth)

     Presented by Hugh and Nannie MacLennan

 3. NOSCA Junior B.A.R.       (shield)

      Presented by C.C. Horn

4. Challenge Trophy

      presented to N.S.T.T.A.

      for Annual Competition at 100 miles

      by Jack Smith 1950

 5. NOSCA B.A.R. Challenge Cup

       Presented by MR E.G. STABLES.--- KEITH

       For annual competition.

6. Winnie Ewing Trophy   Vets BAR    

7.  Onesti trophy  - currently to be awarded to the first North rider in the NoSCA Road Race Championship.

8.  Ladies BAR trophy – presented by Ross-shire Roads CC (Bob Gibson)

GRASS TRACK trophies

 1. Thornton trophy –awarded to Track BAR

     2. Ogilvie Challenge Cup 

     Awarded to winner of 5km grass track race at Glenurquhart   Highland Gathering.

     Belongs to Glen Urquhart Highland Games.

3. William Bremner Memorial Cycling Challenge Cup

    Awarded to Best All Round Rider at Glenurquhart Highland Gathering.

    Belongs to Glen Urquhart Highland Games.

    4. Fraser Trophy

    5. Garrow Trophy 

These are not strictly NOSCA trophies. Fraser trophy is on long term loan from Clachnacuddin CC for the use of NOSCA for track champs. 

Garrow trophy belongs to Forres CC.



1. Scratch

2. Youth

3. Junior

4. Ladies

5. Veteran (on standard)



1.      Ian MacLeod cup – Road Race champion

2.      Mountain Bike shield


Appendix 2 to constitution        Added November 2012

Funding criteria and application process

OBJECTIVE – to use an allocation of NoSCA funds to support NoSCA members and NoSCA clubs by way of financial awards for a range of cycling-related purposes that benefit NoSCA.

ELIGIBILITY – Any individual applicant must be a current NoSCA member (as defined by NoSCA’s constitution).  Any Club application must be from a paid-up NoSCA affiliate. 

APPLICATION PROCESS – applications must be made on an approved application form, in advance of the funding requirement, to the NoSCA Secretary.  It will be considered by the Finance Sub Committee whose makeup will be decided at each AGM to include an office bearer of NoSCA.

ALLOCATION OF FUNDS – The maximum amount set aside for funding purposes will be decided at each AGM.  As a guide this should not exceed 15% of the end of financial year balance.  This fund will be drawn down in accordance with the criteria stated herein. 

CRITERIA – the following are examples of areas that will be considered for funding assistance, but this list is not exhaustive:

Costs associated with the training of officials.

Equipment that will benefit the promotion of cycling within NoSCA.

Funding to enable the development of Youth and Junior members.

Generally the award will not exceed 50% of the cost.

The applicant must state if other funding streams have been approached and how much may already have been secured from these sources.

No funding will be granted retrospectively and the decision of the committee will be final.

Funding will be paid after the event on the production of proof of expenditure/attendance as appropriate.

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