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This is a provisional list of records made during the year. Please let me know of any errors or omissions. Once established the list will then be incorporated into full list of NOSCA Records.

1   Youth (male) on any SC course

25m  David Gunn                         Forres CC        1h 1m 11s        17.06.2007      AY9

2   Senior (male) on NOSCA course

10m  Peter Ettles                        Forres CC        20m 54s           08.07.2007      Kildary

25m  Peter Ettles                        Forres CC        54m 16s           18.08 2007      NS28 Rev

3. Senior (male) on any SC course

            10m  Peter Ettles                    Forres CC        20m 54s           08.07.2007      Kildary

4. Veteran (Ladies) on NOSCA course and on any SC course

             10m  Mary Eagleson  (51)        Ross RCC         29m19s            14.04.2007      NS31

             25m  Mary Eagleson  (51)        Ross RCC       1h 13m 16s      12.08.2007     NS28 Rev

             50m  Mary Eagleson  (51)        Ross RCC       2h 37m 50s      24.06.2007     NS22Rev

5.  Veteran (male) on NOSCA course and (except for 30 m) on any SC course

10m   Peter Ettles (43)              Forres CC         20m 54s           08.07.2007     Kildary

10m   Al Washington (70)          Caithness CC    25m26s            15.07.2007      NS7

25m   Peter Ettles (43)              Forres CC         54m16s            18.08.2007      NS28 Rev

25m   Al Washington (70)          Caithness CC    1h 3m 48s        18.08.2007      NS28Rev

30m   Freddie Toms (67)            Elgin CC           1h 25m 01s     20.05.2007      MI30

50m   Al Washington (70)          CaithnessCC      2h 15m 58s     08.07.2007      NS22 Rev

100m Al Washington (70)          Caithness CC     4h 46m 11s     05.08.2007      Invergordon

12 hr  John Falconer (56)           Caithness CC     238.324m        19.08.2007      NS41

Alasdair Washington. 5.11.2007



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