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NOSCA NEWS, 18 August 2007

Special Series for non-standard events

This is a new season-long competition for NOSCA riders to encourage Non-Standard events where there are no pressures on times and which therefore have an extra enjoyment factor and also perhaps appeal to some who may be less attracted to standard distance time trials: notice how many keen riders are attracted to MTB and Sportive events or how many leading BBAR riders ride hilly events to improve fitness for standard events.

The relevant events for 2007 are:

            Apr 29 Caithness Loch Calder 23 miles

            Jul 15  Caithness Loch Calder 11 mile

            Jul 29 Forres Downhill 6 miles

            Sep 01 Cairngorm Mackie Trophy 14miles

            Sep 08 Black Isle GP 40 miles

It is open to all categories ie, All riders/Youth/Junior/Ladies/Vets-on-standard provided there are at least 3 riders in a category. There will be trophies and cash prizes at the end of the season.

It will be based on a points system viz: 1st  NOSCA rider (10 points), 2nd (8), 3rd (6), 4th (4), 5th (3).

Overall fastest will take priority, eg, if a Vet or Junior is fastest overall he/she takes that award as well as the first Vet or Junior award. Money prizes as per the normal one-man-one-prize.


After 3 events the positions are:

            All riders:1= P.Alexander (16), A.Hughes (16); 3= K.Smith (10), A.Martin (10); 5 M.VDVlies (8); 6, D.Morrill (7.5); 7= H.Hughes (6), N.Fraser (6); 9 N.Lyall (4); 10 A.VDVlies (3.5); 11= G.Lawrie (3), I.Robertson (3).

            Junior: 1 A.VDVlies (10).        

            Youth: 1= S.Fraser (10), D.Gunn (10), L.Gunn (10); 4= L.Lyall (8), Ranald Cartwright (8); 6 M.Moodie (6); 7 Rhona Cartwright (4).

            Lady:  1= M.Hughes (10), M.Lyall (10); 3 K.Lawrie (8).

            Vet on Std: 1 A.Washington (20); 2 D.Morrill (14); 3= J.Smith (10), G.Lawrie (10); 5=M.VDVlies (8), G.Grant (8); 7 S.Craigen (4); 8= S.Fraser (3), J.Sinclair (3).


There are two events left:

            Sep 1st Mackie trophy. Entries to Dr Cathy Mordaunt

            Sep 8th Black Isle GP.Entries to: Katrina Moir, 4 Cluny Road, Dingwall. Enter now and help this excellent event to survive.

 Nb also, Sep 15th Ronnie MacDonald 10

Please let members of your club know about these events and do your best to support them. 

Alasdair Washington, Special Events Series Co-ordinator

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