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Have you something you want to sell or buy - email - ForSale@CaithnessCC.co.uk

For Sale

Description Price Name Tel No / e-mail Other Info
The "End to End" Story used - very good
24 + P&P
  For Sale on Amazon
used - very good
(click the Picture)
Park Wheel Building Kit - As New

Wheel Truing Stand TS8 - Cost New Today 69.99
Spoke Tensioning Meter TM1 - Cost New Today 51.99
Wheel Alignment Tool - Cost New Today 39.99
Cost New Today Total 161.97

All 3 Items
Malcolm Gray mgrayuk@aol.com

Click here to download Park documentation
Pendle (Behind the Ball) 4 Bike Rack complete with fitting, straps etc.
(Number plate mount/light unit/electrics included but used)
As New - never mounted.
Cost New - around 130
60 Malcolm Gray mgrayuk@aol.com

Click here to download Pendle documentation


Description Name Tel No e-mail

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