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The Constitution of the Caithness CC (Amended 13th September 2005)

1.      TITLE

The club will be called the "Caithness Cycling Club" (Founded February 1963), hereinafter referred to as the "Club".

2.      OBJECTS

To encourage and foster all forms of cycling, including the promoting and organising of all forms of racing. To this end the club will affiliate to the Scottish Cyclist’s Union through the North of Scotland Cycling Association.


  1. Membership will be open to all interested in cycling who adhere to the rules of the club.
  2. The annual membership fee will be as decided at the Annual General Meeting. This will be payable at the time of joining and thereafter on 1st January each year, except for those joining on or after 1st October who will be exempt from paying subscriptions until the following January.


  1. The Club Committee will normally consist of the following club officials:

Child Protection Designated Officer

No official will be asked to stand for the same office for more than one year. However, an official can volunteer, then be proposed to remain in office.

Each office should be as clearly defined as possible, i.e. where possible terms of reference should be available. Committees with vague areas of responsibility should be avoided, e.g. Racing committees.

The committee will be empowered to co-opt members onto the committee to fill vacancies.

  1. There will in addition be an Auditor who will audit the accounts of the club prior to each AGM.
  2. All officials will normally be elected at the club AGM.


5.      MEETINGS

  1. The AGM of the club will normally be held in September or October. Additional meetings will be called as or when required or upon the request of at least three members.
  2. The agenda for the AGM will be:

Notice of Meeting
Apologies for Absence
Minutes of Previous AGM
Matters arising from Minutes

Annual Reports for the Club:

Racing Secretaries
Press Secretary
Touring Secretary
Secretary of Fund Raising and Social Events

Matters arising from Annual Reports
Alterations/Additions to the Constitution
Election of Officials
Club Fee for Next Year
Nominations for Sports Council "Sportsman of the Year" and "Sportswoman of the Year"
Other Competent Business


  1. A motion or amendment will be seconded immediately after the mover’s speech.
  2. If more than one amendment is proposed to an original motion, the amendments will, having all been clearly stated, be set against the motion in turn.
  3. It will be competent at any time for any member to move formally:
  4. That the question now be put.
  5. That the meeting proceed to the next business.
  6. Voting will in general be by a show of hands by those present and eligible to vote. Changes to the club constitution and rules will require a two-thirds majority, i.e. 2/3 in favour at a general meeting of the club. All other matters to be decided by a simple majority. In the event of a tie in the voting the chairman (normally without voting powers) may make the casting vote.
  7. Only fully paid-up members can vote at any club meeting.
  8. A quorum of 50 per cent or 7, whichever is the less, will be necessary before any rules of the club or changes to the constitution can be made. This can only be done at an AGM or Special General Meeting, and with advanced notification of 14 days.


7.      INCOME

The income of the club shall be solely used for furthering the objectives of the club and for no other purpose.


In the event of dissolution of the club any assets remaining after settlement off all debts and liabilities shall not be paid or distributed among members but shall be given or transferred to a recognised charitable organisation(s) having similar objects to those of the club.

9.      CLUB RUNS

  1. The club runs will be conducted in an orderly and safe manner. The committee will be empowered to take such action as they consider necessary against members breaking this rule.
  2. The runs organiser will be the sole judge as to whether or not a bicycle is a fit and roadworthy condition before taking part in a club run.



  1. The rules of the SCU and NOSCA will be adhered to for racing.
  2. The clubs colours will be a gold body with a 6² emerald green band. (to be modified to the new design)
  3. No one may ride in club colours in open events unless he or she is a fully paid-up member of the club.
  4. The club annual Best-All-Rounder competitions will be based on performances at 25, 50 and 100 miles for seniors, 10, 25 and 50 miles for juniors and 10 and 25 miles for youths.
  5. For club events a new rider is allowed up to three races before membership is necessary. These three may count towards any club competition.
  6. After three races a rider is ineligible to ride a fourth race unless a paid-up member. If through oversight or other reasons a rider does compete in a race for which he is ineligible, the times are invalid for club competitions.
  7. For other club competitions, e.g. Tourist Trophy, or Place to Place Records, etc, rides are only valid if performed by a paid-up member.
  8. Second Claim Members will not be eligible for club awards.




                                 i.            TRACK CUP (VICTOR POLANSKI CUP)
Awarded on a points basis viz, 3, 2, 1, points for first, second and third placing in any open track race.

                               ii.            FASTEST "25" (WASHINGTON SHIELD)
Awarded for the fastest 25m TT in a club or NOSCA event.

                              iii.            JUVENILE 10 MILE CUP
Awarded on points basis for club 10 mile time trials. For "N" Youth Finishers, the fastest will receive "N" points, the last, 1 point. Eligibility: - Under 16 years on the day of the race.

                             iv.            JUVENILE "BEST ALL ROUNDER" CUP
Based on a riders 2 best times at 10 miles and 2 best times at 25 miles. Confined to club and NOSCA events Eligibility: Under 16 years on the day of the race.

                               v.            LADIES CUP
Based on a riders 4 best times in Caithness C.C. 10 mile time trials. (Club or Open Events). All female members of any club in Caithness are eligible.

                             vi.            JUNIOR "BEST ALL ROUNDER" CUP
Based on a riders best times at 10, 25 and 50-mile time trials to give a mean speed. Confined to club and NOSCA events. ELIGIBILITY : - To the end of the year in which a rider is 18 years old.

                            vii.            SENIOR "BEST ALL ROUNDER" MACK MOWAT CUP
Based on a riders times at 25, 50 and 100-mile time trials to give a mean speed. Confined to club and NOSCA events for 25 and 50 mile and any SCU event for 100 miles.

                          viii.            ROAD RACE TROPHY
To be awarded to the first club rider in our 62 mile or nominated Road Race.

                             ix.            TOURIST OF THE YEAR SHIELD
Awarded to the person who has done the most for touring during the year, either as a tourist or as an organiser.

                               x.            NORMAN D SMITH MEMORIAL CUP
To the winner of the Handicap League.

                             xi.            DRUMMOND SHIELD
To the club member of the year.

                            xii.            TOUR D’ORKNEY
Awarded for a special effort on the day.

                          xiii.            MEDALS

a)      Fastest 25               1st, 2nd, 3rd. Senior and Junior, and club or NOSCA event.

b)      BAR                      1st, 2nd, 3rd. Senior, Junior and Youth.

c)      Fastest Club 10       1st, 2nd, 3rd. Senior, Junior and Youth.

d)      Handicap League    1st, 2nd, 3rd.

e)      Ladies Cup             1st, 2nd, 3rd.

  1. OPEN
      Awarded to the winner of the Mack Mowat 25.
      Awarded to the first Junior in a nominated road race.
      Eligibility: As 9a(vi).
      Awarded to the winner of a nominated road race.

NOTE: For many years the nomination race of (ii) and (iii) has been our 62-mile road race.


NB This particular competition lends itself to "10’s" only and this is how it has operated.

  1. The competition is to be called the "Handicap League".
  2. All 10 mile time trials organised by the club are included.
  3. In each event placing’s are to be decided in a "club handicap system". The first place is awarded 6 points through to 1 point for 6th place. If there are less than 6 riders first place starts at 6 points, to encourage competition in adverse conditions.
  4. At the end of the season medals are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

This is the riders best time in the current season except for:

                                 i.            a riders first race in the season when his best time the previous season (or the last season in which the rider complete, if this is within the last three years) is used.

                               ii.            a new rider or one who has not raced for three years when the maximum handicap time for the first two races is:

10 miles     27 mins 00 secs

If a rider beats these times in the first race, then the riders actual time is taken for the second race.

The placing’s are then arranged to the margin by which a rider beats, or is behind his or her handicap time.




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