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Mark Cannop
September 2004


These are the two photographs I took of Gills Bay as the boat was departing.


Scapa Flow

This is a picture taken about 6 mile outside Kirkwall about 10am fog bound rear and front lights on.

A picture taken up the coast from Finstown to Evie.
Still Freezing

UNKNOWN position.

Taken when cycling alone side the loch to Skara Brae

A super fast bike outside the Skara Brae visitor centre.


These three photos show the inside of Skail house.

Let's go to Kirkwall.
Not far to go but hard in the head wind that was waiting for me.

On that little island in the middle of the loch was the only time I saw the sun the whole morning.


The only pictures that I got in Kirkwall

A nice picture from the top of this none stop, agonising, hill, that felt like forever with my panniers on.

Finally I can see the boat but still about a mile and a half away, and that felt like a time trial pushing the bike there at 15mph after the 70 miles I had already cycled.
About 30 miles into a headwind on my own.

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